Erasmus+ Programme
Strategic Partnership Project Nr: 2018-1-RO01-KA204 – 049274

Intellectual outputs

PANHERA project provides a training path targeted to adult learners on a topic still not deeply explored. Our intellectual outcomes represent a new way to promote the hosting structures involved and their territories, and to improve their communication, digital and management skills, respect to what they are used to. Therefore our partners developed several intellectual outcomes, which may be used as a guide to increae the learning outcomes of the target groups (hosting structures from rural areas) and to improve their welcoming competences and quality of the services they provide.

IO 1 Field research

A field research was performed by each partner at local level to analyse the actual competences and practices in welcoming pilgrims and tourists. The analysis maps the hosting structures (i.e. pilgrimage centres, public and private hostels, hotels, B&B, etc), along the routes crossing partner territories, analyses the state of the art at local level and identifies good and bad practices already implemented.

IO2 - Training course

One of PANHERA objective is to improve the availability and quality of learning opportunities targeted to people working in hosting facilities located in rural areas along cultural and religious itineraries, and more in general living in these territories and providing different kind of complementary services. Therefore we developed a specific training course aiming at improving their skills in the hosting of tourists-pilgrims, social entrepreneurship, digital, intercultural dialogue, etc.

Religious Tourism in Bulgaria – Past, Present, Perspectives

Pilgrimage in Bulgaria – Power Point Presentation

Religious Tourism in Turkey and the Lycian way 

Pilgrimage in Norway

Cultural Routes as an opportunity for the development of a territory: the Italian case, from past to present

Camino de Santiago – Spain

IO3 - Training guidelines

Our researchers developed online training guidelines to complement the training course and to support the work both of the managers and of the staff of the hosting facilities, covered by the project, aiming to develop their managerial, communication, and personal competencies to provide services with high quality for their clients and guests.

Guidelines for Developing Tourism Products and Travel Itineraries

Customer Service (Face-to-face) 

Customer Service (Non-Face-To-Face)

Tourism Marketing

Business Management Online Guide

Online Guide to Regionl Product Marketing in Tourism 

IO 4 Common certification system

The aim of this output was to create a definition of a shared common certification system to serve as a sort of “quality label for good hosting centres" providing a good service according to the experiences and contributions collected and developed through the project. We hope that the proposed intellectual output would allow the hosting structures and staff working in them to be positively evaluated and immediately recognizable from tourists-pilgrims.

Common Certification System 

Common certification system – Spain

Certification system – Bulgaria

Certification system – Turkey

Certification system – Italy

Certification system – Romania

Regulations for accredited accommodation – Norway

IO5 - Web-based open education platform

The web-based open education platform was  developed as an interactive  source of information for pilgrims and hosting structures. The purpose of this platform is not only to present the intellectual outputs of Panhera project, but also to allow a continuous and live evaluation of the competences of hosting structure staff and of the services provided.