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About St. Olav Ways

Gudbrandsdalsleden, which means the path of Gudbrandsdalen, stretches from Oslo to Trondheim, a 643 km well-marked pilgrim path with beautiful and varied landscape. Along the path you can experience soothing agricultural landscapes, you can spend the night on historic farms in Gudbrandsdalen, wander across the mighty Dovrefjell plateau and enjoy the tranquility of the lush Trøndelag nature. A pilgrimage truly does something to you as a human being. Walking from Oslo to Trondheim, through communities, small towns and nature, is an experience of a lifetime.



Sygard Grytting - medieval hostel

Spend the night at a pilgrim attic from the 1300s at this magnificient farm
Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden

Aaraas farm pilgrim hostel

New pilgrim hostel at Aaraas farm
Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden

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